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COSMEDIX - Defy Serum

COSMEDIX - Defy Serum

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Defy is an ultra-rich Triple Hydroxy Acid Age-Defying Treatment that combines soothing botanical ingredients with triple hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate dull, dry skin and deeply condition the complexion for a softer, smoother appearance.


• Gently exfoliates dull, dry skin for smoother-looking skin texture and skin tone
• Increases hydration and helps improve the appearance of fine lines
• Helps soothe skin


Chirally Correct L-Lactic Acid, L-Malic Acid and L-Tartaric Acid | Gently exfoliate for a smoother, softer appearance
Aloe Vera and Chirally Correct L-Bisabolol | Help soothe the skin while visibly revealing a smoother appearance
Olive Oil | Hydrates, soothes and conditions the complexion

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